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The Pink Gene Foundation aims to create a fund which helps financially vulnerable young women afford the expensive genetic testing needed to discover hereditary breast cancer. While breast cancer in young women is rare, getting the genetic test early can be key to developing a preventative lifestyle.


Our foundation’s mission is to raise funds for young women who are deemed high risk or are currently battling breast cancer so we can provide them with resources for genetic testing and therapies and/or cost that are not covered by insurance. We also focus on educating women between the ages of 18-35 on prevention, genetic testing and radiation free screening.

We Are Here For You

Call us what you want to call us! Your friend, mentor or support. We want to offer assistance in a fun, new age and comfortable way. From having a cup of coffee with one of our leaders to a lively bootcamp session or attending one our black tie events, we find fun interactive ways to help educate on prevention, genetic testing and radiation free screening. Being apart of the Pink Gene family means more than just prevention, IT’S FUN!


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